Enjoy our blog and enjoy contributing to Constantia Society!

Operated and managed by eNeighbourhoods, this social media service is sponsored by Chas Everitt Cape Town South as a service to the Constantia community.  Our brief is to provide and share local content of interest and benefit to the Constantia area.  It is further the intention to offer at no cost to the members of the Constantia community, the facilities of the blog to encourage communication and awareness of local business, organisations, functions and events.  Thus have a powerful local and effective means for all to share news at no cost.

If you or your organisation has a newsworthy item or promotion that you wish to share, you may submit the information by email, in a way that we can copy and share together with one or two suitable images.  You should also indicate what other Constantiaberg suburbs you wish this to be shared with however the suburbs must correspond to the content of your news.

We particularly encourage the submissions of any special offers and benefits, as this serves everyone’s interest very well and so we have dedicated a Special Offers page just for that purpose.  After all who doesn’t like a special offer?

eNeighbourhoods reserves the right to decline any submission at our sole discretion.  

Email your contribution to share@constantiasociety.co.za