Cape Town Steals the Stars


The image of Cape Town is the best!

Whether it’s simply gazing up at the stars, staying up late to catch a glimpse of a pink moon or cracking out the telescope in the hopes of witnessing the big meteor shower, humans have been mesmerized by the beauty of the night sky for thousands of years.

The night sky is one of nature’s most beautiful creations but as cities expand and populations increase, so does the demand for artificial lighting such as street lights. Whilst practical and essential for day to day living, this lighting affects our view of the sky with the naked eye, and it is now impossible to see the Milky Way in large cities and metropolitan areas due to the light pollution it creates.

But what would a clear sky look like?

We compiled skyline photos taken by photographers across 27 locations and reimagined them to reveal what the skies could look like across the globe if they were free from light pollution.

Marvel at some of the most stunning skylines across the world, take a breath, and drink in the beauty of a clear night sky. Happy star-gazing!

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