Our Spring Water is collected from a certified source in the Elgin mountains and delivered right to your home or business in bulk. Avoid standing in long queues to collect water and also save the planet by using less plastic!


We take great care throughout the collection and delivery process to keep the spring water as natural as possible, but also as safe as possible. The quality of the spring water is analyzed on a regular basis through an accredited laboratory against SANS 241 (2016) standards.

At source, the spring water is passed through a 3-stage filtration process to ensure that all foreign matter is removed and then finally also through a UV filtration system to destroy 99.99% of all harmful microorganisms, without adding any chemicals or changing the spring water’s natural odor and taste. All containers, pipes and connections used during the collection and delivery of the spring water is of a Food Grade (FG) quality.


We recommend that the spring water also be stored at your home or business in a Food Grade container to ensure that its quality is maintained. We can supply new* 1,000L flow bins (similar to the ones we use during collection and delivery) for this purpose, at cost. Flow bins should be stored out of direct sunlight, preferably in a garage or other covered area, as direct sunlight and heat could affect the quality of the spring water over time. Should you not have a suitable area to place the flow bin, then we recommend that you cover the flow bin with shade cloth or by other means. *All new flow bins are sterilized and rinsed prior to delivery.

The Food Grade flow bin is mounted on a composite plastic pallet and has a durable steel frame.
Dimensions: 1.0m (width / front) x 1.2m (depth) x 1.15m (height).
Weight +/- 56kg empty and +/- 1,056kg filled.
Load capacity 1,560kg so it is possible to stack a 2nd flow bin on top.
The flow bin has a 50mm discharge valve to which various connections can be fitted for decanting the spring water.

Minimum order quantity per delivery = 1,000L.
Spring water deliveries are scheduled on a daily basis and the average lead time is 1-3 days depending on your location.
New FG flow bins are manufactured in Durban and the manufacturer do carry stock in Cape Town. Should stock for whatever reason be unavailable, then the average lead time for delivery will be 3-5 days.

  • Delivery for 1,000L spring water @ R1.50 per L = R1,500
  • Discounts apply for deliveries of more than 2,000L per delivery.
  • New* FG flow bin @ R2,980 incl VAT, excluding spring water. This price compares well with the cost of similar sized water tanks, but note that this is a FG food grade certified container, which will not spoil the taste and odor of the spring water. This should also be seen as a once-off investment. *All new flow bins are sterilized and rinsed prior to delivery.

Name: Tian Du Toit
E-mail: CPTspringwater@gmail.com
Mobile: 083 458 0979

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